Little Witch Academia (2017) リトルウィッチアカデミア (2017) | 小魔女學園 2017

Ep. 15 - Chariot of Fire
Upon hearing that Croix and Chariot were classmates, Akko goes to Croix, who asks her to bring the Shiny Rod to her laboratory in the New Moon Tower for analysis. When Akko shows up, Croix knocks her unconscious and begins analyzing the data in her memories. Fearing for Akko's safety, Ursula heads to the New Moon Tower and reaches Croix, who intends to claim the world's reconstruction magic for her own agenda. After bringing Akko back to safety, Ursula explains to her about the Grand Triskelion that sealed away the world's source of magic. She reveals that the key to breaking this seal is to unlock the seven magic words hidden in the Shiny Rod, three of which Akko has already learned. Remaining unaware that Ursula and Chariot are one and the same, Akko becomes determined to find the remaining four words in the hope of meeting Chariot again.