Little Witch Academia (2017) リトルウィッチアカデミア (2017) | 小魔女學園 2017

Ep. 17 - Amanda O`Neill and the Holy Grail
Learning from Ursula that history and tradition are the clues needed to unlock the Shiny Rod's fifth word, Akko and Amanda sneak into Andrew's school, Appleton Academy, where a relic known as the Holy Grail is being kept. As Amanda and Akko disguise themselves as a student and a rat respectively, Amanda has a heated run-in with the chairman's son, Louis Blackwell, before they both come across Andrew. Although Akko manages to find the Holy Grail, both she and Amanda end up captured by Louis, who intends to torture them and break the grail. Objecting to this cruel punishment, Andrew proposes that Louis and Amanda instead settle their dispute in a sword duel in which, despite Louis' attempts to cheat, Amanda proves victorious. As Louis smashes the grail out of spite, techno-magic placed there by Croix possesses a suit of armor, which forces itself on Louis and takes control of him. With help from Akko and Andrew, Amanda manages to regain control of her magic and defeat the armor, freeing Louis in the process. Louis takes responsibility for the incident, and Akko and Amanda return to Luna Nova, unaware of Croix's involvement.