Little Witch Academia (2017) リトルウィッチアカデミア (2017) | 小魔女學園 2017

Ep. 18 - Sky War Stanship
An annual ghost hunting event, known as the Wild Hunt, is coming to Blytonbury for its final stage. After accidentally breaking one of her robots, Akko offers to help silent tech genius Constanze, who is participating in the hunt by invitation from Professor Croix. Constanze is reluctant to let Akko help her as she prefers to work alone, but Akko soon manages to prove herself useful by helping Constanze gather the materials needed for the battleship she intends to use for the event. On the day of the Hunt, Croix calls normal occult fanatics to the event and uses her techno-magic to materialise the ghosts into bird monsters, which begin to cause havoc. Having incorporating one of Akko's own suggestions, Constanze transforms her ship into a mecha and, with the magical support of the Hunters, manages to defeat the monsters. Afterwards, Ursula confronts Croix with the knowledge that she caused the panic to gather "fuel spirit" from the normal people's emotional energy, but Croix confidentally dares Ursula to try and stop her.